Certified Medication Safety Officer (CMSO)

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Medication safety is the most challenging goal for pharmacy practice and patient safety professionals in all health care facilities.

CMSO course is the trusted resource thousands of new and experienced medication safety officers have relied on for years.

CMSO course is an invaluable resource for new to medication safety or an experienced Medication Safety Officer (MSO).

CMSO course offers expert guidance in every area of your work, from setting up safety systems to dealing with personnel problems, along with sample forms, checklists, strategies for making changes, systems for error reporting and analysis, and guidance on managing adverse outcomes.

You’ll find detailed information for all areas of medication safety, from automated dispensing cabinet override criteria to examples of a Sentinel Event alert gap analysis.

Topics include:

  • Medication Errors
  • Medication Safety
  • Safety in Prescribing
  • Safety in Dispensing
  • Safety in Administering
  • Evidence-Based Medicine
  • Human Errors and Culture of Safety
  • Staff Communication
  • Medication Safety Officer Responsibilities
  • Quality Improvement Principles
  • RCA methodologies
  • FMEA
  • Setting standards and developing indicators
  • Compliance monitoring systems
  • Safety in the Medication-Use System
  • Medication-Use Technology
  • Controlled Drugs and Patient Safety
  • Medication Error Reporting and Analysis
  • Error Prevention Strategies
  • Staff Education and Training
  • Accreditation and Regulatory Compliance

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