Certified Hospital Surveyor (CHS)

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CHS course is the trusted resource thousands of new and experienced accreditation professionals have relied on for years.

CHS course not only provides insider information on how to prepare for, survive, and respond to a hospital survey, it also provides context about the accreditation process to help new and veteran accreditation professionals understand the why as well as the how.

CHS course features practical tools to prepare your organization, useful methods to keep things running smoothly during your survey, and tips and advice on how to follow up after the surveyors have left.

CHS course also includes tools and sample documents that hospitals can use for their accreditation survey process, all the information survey coordinators need to get up to speed on Joint Commission preparation, chapter-by-chapter tips for survey readiness and compliance, advice from industry veterans on what to do before, during, and after your survey visit, overviews of problematic survey components, follow-up tips for post-survey actions.

CHS course compiles and explains in no-frills language exactly how your next Joint Commission visit will differ from your last and what you need to know before surveyors arrive.


  • Certification, Licensure, and Accreditation
  • Accreditation Bodies of Healthcare Organizations
  • Performance Measurement Tools
  • Performance Improvement (PI) Models
  • Preparing for the Accreditation Survey
  • Leadership and Commitment to Accreditation
  • Setting Standards and Developing Indicators
  • Accreditation Policies and Procedures – Overview
  • Effective Team building
  • Tracer Methodology (Clinical-Facility-System)
  • JCI Accreditation Standards – Overview
  • National Accreditation Standards – Overview
  • Mock Survey
  • Ethics of Healthcare Accreditation
  • Surveyors Roles and Responsibilities

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