Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management (CPHRM)

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CPHRM course covers basic concepts of risk management in healthcare, employment practices, and general risk management strategies. It also goes over specific risk areas including medical malpractice, strategies to reduce liability, managing positions and litigation alternatives.

CPHRM course includes an emphasis on outpatient medicine and the risks associated with electronic medical records.

This course covers academic medical settings and the impact on healthcare delivery, ambulatory and outpatient surgery, risk management for infection control programs, telemedicine, risk management in ambulatory care settings, and risk management in office-based surgery.

CPHRM offers current information, regulatory and legal updates, and assessment tools that will prove invaluable to both new and professional healthcare risk managers.

Topics include:

  • Basics of Risk Management in Healthcare
  • Risk Management Process
  • Assessing Risk Management Areas
  • Early Warning Systems for Organizational Risks
  • Patient Safety Organizations
  • Healthcare Legal Concepts
  • Legal Issues Common to Healthcare Providers
  • Healthcare Risk Management Professional Responsibilities
  • Healthcare Risk Management Tools
  • Developing Risk Management Program
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Clinical Communication Among the Healthcare Team
  • Basic Claims Administration
  • Risk Management’s Role in Performance Improvement
  • Emerging Risk Trends in Electronic Records
  • Risk Management Ethics

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