Certified Professional in Healthcare Performance Improvement (CPHPI)

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CPHPI course walks your healthcare organization from relying on generic reports and dashboards to developing powerful analytic applications that drive effective decision–making throughout your organization.

CPHPI course provides proper techniques for gathering and effectively analyzing healthcare performance measurement data, the fundamental knowledge and tools that healthcare stakeholders, including payers and consumers need to manage quality improvement programs effectively within healthcare organizations.

CPHPI course reveals how to design effective process improvement structures, organizations, and cultures to meet those needs.

CPHPI focuses on specific process improvement knowledge areas, this practical work establishes the foundation required to create, maintain, and measure processes while equipping practitioners with the necessary skills to deliver consistent, successful outcomes.

Topics include:

  • Healthcare Quality Concepts
  • Key Dimensions of Quality Care
  • Leadership and Commitment to Performance Improvement
  • Healthcare QI Responsibilities
  • Performance Improvement (PI) Models
  • Setting Standards and Developing Indicators
  • Communicating Indicators
  • Compliance Monitoring Systems
  • Identifying Improvement Opportunities
  • Using Teamwork in PI
  • Aggregating and Analyzing PI Data
  • Use of PI Tools
  • RCA Methodologies
  • FMEA
  • Six Sigma and FOCUS-PDCA
  • Communicating PI Recommendations
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction
  • Process Variation
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Process improvement templates and instructions

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