Certified Healthcare Information Management Officer (CHIMO)

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CHIMO course address the technical, organizational, and management issues confronted by healthcare professionals in the selection, implementation, and management of healthcare information systems and updated information on the electronic health record and other clinical and administrative applications used in healthcare organizations.

CHIMO course is also primary on the effective use of data and information technology to improve organizational performance in health care settings.

CHIMO course provides the fundamental knowledge and tools that information systems professionals need to manage information and information resources effectively within healthcare organizations.

Each module of CHIMO course is designed to give the participants the core content that must become part of the repertoire of anyone tasked with information systems in the healthcare industry.

CHIMO course features learning objectives, web resources, a glossary that clarifies technical terms as well as a list of abbreviations for important terms, and discussion questions.



  • Healthcare Information Systems – Overview
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Clinical and Managerial Decision Support
  • Networks and Data Communication
  • E-Commerce in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Information Regulations, and Standards
  • Evaluating IT Effectiveness
  • Insuring Data and Information Quality
  • Information Systems Acquisition
  •  Systems Implementation and Support
  • Managing IT Projects
  • Patient Safety Organization
  • Security of Healthcare Information Systems
  • Organizational Performance in Healthcare
  • Licensure, Certification, and Accreditation
  • Legal Aspects of Healthcare Information
  • Ethics of Healthcare Information Systems

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